NameDR. K.M.AnandKumar

DesignationProfessor & Head
Area of specialization Wireless Sensor Networks, Pervasive Computing
Intercom Number3050
1Dr.G.S.Anandha MalaProfessorB.E.,M.S., Ph.DNatural Language Processing,Software Engineering,Image Processing3050
2Prof. S. Kayal VizhiProfessorB.E., M.E., (Ph.D)Mobile Computing, Network Security3114
3Ms. S. SuchitraAsst. Prof. (Sl.Gr.)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)Image Processing3018
4Mr.K.Parimala Kanaga DevanAsst. Prof. (Sl. Gr.)B.E., M.Tech.,Natural Language Processing3112
5Ms. N. SenthamaraiAsst. Prof. (Sr. Gr.)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D),Cloud Computing, P2P computing3018
6Dr. S. Sobitha AhilaAsst. Prof. (Sr. Gr.)B.E., M.E., Ph.DData Mining and Warehousing, Image Processing3018
7Ms. S. Kalpana DeviAsst. Prof. (Sr. Gr.)B.E., M.Tech.,Networking and Mobile Computing3112
8Ms. A. R. JosenaAsst. Prof. (Sr. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Networking3112
9Ms. N. D.Thamarai SelviAsst.Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Data Mining3018
10Mr. P. Hari KumarAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Cloud Computing ,Artificial Intelligence3019
11Ms. G. Evlyn BeulahAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.Tech., M.E.,Wireless Adhoc Networks3018
12Ms. S. BuvaneswariAsst. Prof. (Or.Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Wireless Sensor Networks3019
13Ms. V. RanichandraAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Data Mining3019
14Ms. A. GeethaAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.Tech., M.E.,Image Processing3018
15Ms. S. MithraAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Network Security, Bio Informatics3112
16Ms. Niranjana.AAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.Tech., M.E.,Network Security, Bio Informatics3112
17Mr.K.MuthukumaranAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Mobile Adhoc Networks3019
18Ms. C. ArunyaAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Network Security3019
19Ms.A.Helen VictoriaAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Cloud Computing, Mobile Sensing3112
20Ms.Aishwarya.SAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Cloud Computing3112
21Ms.Renown Manjuna .GAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Big Data3112
22Ms.V.Rathina PriyaAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Big Data3118
23Ms.S.SriHeeraAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Big Data3118
24Ms.S.Sudha MercyAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Big Data3118
25Ms.R.SaranyaAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Wireless sensor Networks3118
26Mr.R.ArivuchselvamAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Mobile Adhoc Networks3118
27Ms.D.Baby DayanaAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Network Security3118
28Ms.K.SwathyAsst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)B.E., M.E.,Network Security, Bio Informatics3118
Asst. Prof. (Or. Gr.)
B.E., M.E.,Wireless sensor Networks3112
1Dr. K. M. AnandKumarAssociate ProfessorB.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.,Wireless Sensor Networks, Pervasive Computing3010
2Ms. V. Mercy RajaselviAsst. Prof. (Sl. Gr.)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)Data Mining and Image Processing3112
3Dr. T. M. NavamaniAsst. Prof. (Sl. Gr.)B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)Wireless Networks, Routing Protocol andSecurity3112