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The Disturbingly Unbelievable Similarity Between Astrology and Data Mining.

By March 7, 2016No Comments

Is astrology real? Why do people still believe astrology? Why has astrology been used for many years? Can we just throw away astrology calling it rubbish? Data-mining vs astrology. What’s the relationship between them?

It has always been occurring to me, that there must be some reason for retaining the art of astrology for many thousand years, without question, a meaningless system emphasizing on predicting one’s future based on his birth chart. There must be a reason, isn’t it?

Or else, these methodologies would have been questioned throughout history, challenging and funding a study that’s actually meaningless.

So why then was astrology preserved, and carried over generations after generations to be practiced and never let to die out? Moreover, why were there many cultures following the art of astrology, in different regions?

We have sun signs and the moon signs, which have been existed for many years simultaneously.

This is what provoked me not to toss away astrology as rubbish as I did for most other belief systems (no offense). We must remember that the thought about the existence of God was debated for many years, and many set of people have different kinds of belief systems, and there were always people who opposed this belief system throughout history.

But was astrology opposed so much in the ancient years? So I did a bit of investigation on this subject. I saw how astrologers predict the future.